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Curriculum (English)

PINTURAS 2006-2008
Curriculum (English)
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Maastricht, Holanda, June 2012
I undersigned.. Sussy Castro Méndez.
born in Santa Cruz - Bolivia.
resident in Valencia - Spain.

phone. 0034 659 590286. email...sussy_cm@
provided of the following titles:

.....Beautiful Arts, Designer interior and Artistic Landscape
having participated to the following demonstrations


Photography: French alliance.
Technical Droawing: Institute of Architectonic Drawing Santa Cruz.
Art: Camdem Institute of Art. London, England.
Il disegno: Florence Italy. Batik technics with Sigi Ghrad: Factory the Art, Santa Cruz.
Faux finishes: Decorativs Technics in Monopol, Santa Cruz.
Designer interior and Artistic Landscape: UPSA, Deprived University of Santa Cruz of the Mountain range.

Individual Exhibitions:

1983 House of the Culture Raul Reiche Knoll, Santa Cruz.
1984 House of the Culture Raul Reiche Knoll, Santa Cruz.
1985 Bolivian festival of Culture, London, England.
1985 Residents Club, Andover State, London England ".
1986 Rotary Club Santa Cruz.
1988 House of the Culture Raul Reiche Knoll, Santa Cruz.
1988 Cultural center Cruceño, versus. Ace. , Argentina.
1989 House of the Culture Raul Reiche Knoll, Santa Cruz.
1989 Mexico Embasy, La Paz.
1990 House of the Culture Raul Reiche Knoll, Santa Cruz.
1991 House of the Culture Raul Reiche Knoll, Santa Cruz.
1991 Municipality of Arica, Chile.
1991 Festival of the Culture, Sucre, Bolivia.
1991 House of the Freedom, Sucre, Bolivia.
1992 Hotel the Tajibos, Santa Cruz.
1992 House of the Culture Franz Tamayo, La Paz.
1992 Popular bank, Santa Cruz.
1993 Hotel the Tajibos, Santa Cruz.
1994 House of the Culture Raul Reiche Knoll, Santa Cruz.
1995 Center Art, Files Peru.
1996 Credit union, Santa Cruz.
1997 Modern Gallery, Panama.
1998 Hotel the Tajibos, Santa Cruz.
2000 Malfatti, Gallery, Tropical Hotel, Manaus, Brazil.

2002 House Condal, Maspalomas, Great the Canary Islands.
2003 BCNArtDirecte. Barcelona.

Collective Exhibitions:

From 1982 to 2006, dwells than 70 exhibitions in:
House of the Culture Raul Reiche Knoll of Santa Cruz.
Louise Gallery, University Paraninfo, and Samaipata, Santa Cruz.
Center Vestibules, Hall ABAP, Cochabamba
Hall Gildaro Antezana, Cochabamaba.
H. Municipal mayorship of Tarija.
House of the Culture Franz Tamayo of La Paz.
Brixton Gallery 1era Exhibition of Latin American Art, London.
Bolivian Week: Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Sisley Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Municipal hall, Cordova, Argentina.
Miami County Community College, Miami, EE.UU.
Taipinquiri Gallery La Paz.
Alternative Gallery, La Paz.
Azzul Gallery, versus. Ace. Argentina.
Gallery Camino Real Hotel, and Hotel Crown Plaza, Santa Cruz.
Gallery Pinacoteca Cury, and Gallery and House of Art Tekúa, Santa Cruz.
I, II and III Pavilion of Contemporary Bolivian Art. Bolivia.
Permanent exhibition Gallery Ar-T-Bowl.
. FEDIPICA, Madrid.

Principals Coleccionists:

House of the Latin American Culture in London, England.
Colection of Contemporary Art of the Countries nonaligned Josip Broz Tito, Yugoslavia.
Hypothecating Banc.
Bank of the State.
Bank Santa Cruz.
Bank de Crédito.
Hotel the Tajibos.
Hotel the Sandy ground.
Hotel the Américas.
Pinacoteca of the School Santa Tomás de Aquino.
Pinacoteca of the Newspaper EL DEBER
Pinacoteca of ARNAMA, Manaus, Brazil.
Consulate of Yugoslavia, Mateo Kuljis.
Colection of Committee Pro Santa Cruz.
Colection of Federation of Private Industralists.
Pinacoteca of the Tropical Hotel, Manaus, Brazil.
$chamber of $industry and Commerce.
Goverment of Arica, Chile.
Colection of David Beckhar, Panama.
Colection of the Caf, Ecuador.
Colection of NEC, Brazil.
Colection of COTAS.
Colection of CRE.
Pinacoteca de Transredes. Oil.
Privates Colections in Canada, Japan, Venezuela, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, China, U.S.A.., Chile, Mexico and others.


Past-president of the Union of Plastic Artists of Santa Cruz, UNIART.
For Past-president two times of Bolivian association of Plastic Artists, A.B.A.P.
Member of Free grouping of Artists, ALA.
Director and to owner of Art Gallery Armando Jordan. Art director of the Tajibos, Hotel ", S.C.
Founder and Art Director of Hotel Camino Real, Santa Cruz.
Founder and Art Director of Hotel Crown Plaza, S.C.
Founder and Art Director of House of Art Tekúa.
Director of Art Gallery of the Credit union, Santa Cruz.
Founder with help of Expocruz, of PAVILION OF CONTEMPORARY BOLIVIAN ART from 1999 until 2002.
Art Director and owner of Ar-T-Bowl, Cultural Promotion.


Organisation of Pinacoteca de National Artistas of Transredes, S.C.
Property of Factory of Art and marquetry Paspartú.

Institutions to which it belongs:

Bolivian association of Plastic Artists ABAP.

Free association of Artists ALA.

Academy Modern Internacionale de Arte of Rome AIAM.Italy.

Others activities:

Organization and coordination of artistic events, Exhibitions, conferences, auctions, courses. Ilustration of books. Mural to painter, Clothes to designer, Fauxs Finishes and decoration proyect privates and publics houses and business, Portrait work. Educational in Artistic Institutions and UPSA University. Documentary of to her life and work carried out for universities UPSA and NUR.

Information in the Web on the artist:



and having achieved the following recognitions:

Mention of Honor, Biennial of Santa Cruz.
Commercial Gold trophy to and cultural Prestige Trade Leaders, Madrid, Spain.

with echoes of chronicle

Sussy Castro Méndez was born in a united family composed by five members, in the city of Santa Cruz of the tropical range in Bolivia.
The art of Sussy has been developed through time, as usually it happens to the great artists, famous and the less most famous ones, in which, from before being born, already have in himself the artistic seed, that soon with the time will germinate and give its fruits. Sussy had the luck to count in its tender childhood with the support and education of its maternal grandfathers, who helped to that the life of this artist in blossoming was directed definitively in the risky ways of the intellectuals.

So it is hardly entered the adolescence, already is surrounded in the vortex of pictures, fabrics paintings, colors and exhibitions. The refugee of the public towards her works was very good, initially centered her interest in the thematic one of the urban art, which motivated it to continue, to investigate, to study and he was this last one what to the 20 years she took it to cross the ocean towards the old continent, Europe attracted to him for being she cradles of the great teachers of the art of all the times; initially she saturated in the cradle of the old art, the beautiful Firenze, there she studied and one became absorbed of which the soul requested to him. It gives Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Tiépolo, the architecture, the Italian countryside of changing colors in autumn

London and Liverpool, were other artistic experiences in Great Britain; studies of the human figure in a prestigious Institute of London Art took it to be interested in this field of the art. After a pair of years it returns to America full of experiences and ready to continue in the walking of the artists, the change of thematic went giving gradually, being interested in naked artistic, painting the beautiful one images, suggestive transparencies, all of them into in a human feeling, surrounding in commotions of smooth or intense and sometimes full colors of character in others, being contiguous in the surrealism, or a very personal magical MAGYCAL REALISM as they denominate others, offering a pacifying message or of denunciation, according to the feelings that they obstruct to him at the moment for giving to light the work.

She is a student of the color, thus it has been invited to dictate to classes in universities and factories of art. Of untiring spirit, it thinks that the life would have to be surrounded by beautiful things that illuminate and calm the soul, and is this search of aesthetic the q has taken it to the study of the design of interiors, landcaspe, design of fashions, painted of fabrics, the decoration and design of showcases and stands.

Also she is organizing of innumerable artistic events and groupings. Having be president of the Bolivian Association of Plastic Artists in two opportunities. Creator of the first Contemporánean Art Event in Bolivia, winning of the Gold Tropheus of the Trade Leaders International España year 2000.
Innumerables organizaciones e Instituciones públicas y privadas nacionales e internacionales poseen su obra. Coleccionistas que poseen su obra se encuentran en Bolivia, Brasil, Japón, ex - Yugoslavia, Gran Bretaña, Australia, España, Panamá, Italia, Suecia, Francia, México, Panamá, Estados Unidos, Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rico, Hawai, Suiza, Irlanda y Bélgica.

From 2002 until now she live in España.
Ingles: hablado y escrito. italiano, portugués.